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Two watches, one of which gained at the rate of 1 min. and other lost at the rate of 1 min. daily, were set correctly at noon on the 1st January 1977. When did the watches indicate the same time?


Dec. 27, 1977 midnight


Dec. 26, 1977 noon


Dec. 25, 1977 noon


Dec, 27, 1977 noon

Ans: d

The first watch gains on the second watch 1 + 1, 2 minutes in a day.
The watches will indicate the same time when the one has gained 12 hours on the other. As 2 minutes is gained in 1 day
∴ 12 hours is gained in days = 12 x 12 x 60 = 360 days
Counting 360 days from 1st Jan. 1977, we get Dec. 27, 1977.

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