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Directions: In column I, some words are given. In column II, their codes are given but they are not arranged in same order in which they are in column I. Study the letters in both the columns and find out the code to the letter given in each of the following questions.

Column I    Column II
(1) SOUND    (A) ebi
(2) ADDRESS  (B) cjmv
(3) CRUX     (C) ikmop
(4) NET      (D) ijktv
(5) CRONY    (E) jkgotv
(6) CROWDY   (F) blooppv

What is the code for the letter N?









Ans: d

SOUND contains N but its code is either ikmop OR ijktv. So N = i/k/m/o/p/j/k/t/v. The options contain only i out of these. so N = i.

The longer way is:

SOUND and CRONY have O and N as common. From their codes we can see that O/N = k/i. The code for CROWDY is jkgotv which contains k, but not i, so O = k. We are left with N = i.

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