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I am standing at a crossroads(Chauraha in Hindi). I am facing north, and my house is towards the south. A seashore is to my left, and a Mosque is straight towards the north. I start walking towards my right and reach a Gurudwara. From there I turn left to reach a market. To which direction should I walk now if I have to reach the seashore?









Ans: a

Suppose, I start from my house D and reach P. To the left of P, there is seashore E. Straightaway, there is a mosque C. At P, I turn right and reach the Gurudwara G. At, G, I turn left and reach the market A. Clearly, seashore E is to the left of D, which is the west. In fact all this calculation isn't required because the seashore has already been given to be located in the west direction.

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