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Which image would be the next image if the pattern is continued?

Question Image:

Answer Images:









Ans: b

In the second box the icon at the top left(9) has flipped vertically and moved to the lower left corner. A new icon(down angle) has appeared in its place. The icon C has flipped vertically and moved to the lower right corner. Please note that when C is flipped it remains the same. In the third box the same thing happens. $ has appeared in place of "down angle" which flips vertically to reach the lower left corner. And the inverted 9 in the lower left corner flips vertically to again become 9 in the lower right corner. The same thing is continued in box 4, and then to the answer. The K remains K on vertical flip, so it appears at the lower left corner as K. The inverted $ becomes normal $ in the lower right corner.

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