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Statement: The traffic police department has put huge notice boards at all the major junctions of the city warning drivers to refrain from using cell phones while driving or else their licenses will be impounded.

Assumptions: .

  1. The drivers of the vehicles may ignore the warning and continue using cell phones while driving.
  2. The traffic police department may be able to nab most of the offenders and impound their licenses.

Only I is implicit.


Only II is implicit.


Either I or II is implicit.


Both I and II are implicit.

Ans: d

The assumption in putting up the notice boards at various places is that the drivers have a tendency of ignoring such warnings if they are put at one place, or if an advertisement is given in print media. By putting such notice boards at various places, the traffic police wants the drivers to be continuously reminded about it. So assumption I is implicit. The second assumption is also implicit, because such offenders will still be there, and they have been made aware of the penalty.

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