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Mrs. K invests a part of Rs. 54000 in 2% stock at Rs. 150, and the remainder in 8% stock at Rs. 120. If her dividend per annum is Rs. 1680, how much did she invest in 8% stock?


Rs. 18000.


Rs. 18100.


Rs. 17900.


Rs. 18200.

Ans: a

If she invests x in 8% stock at Rs. 120, then her income from this investment is Rs. $(x × 8)/120$. Her income from the 2% stock at Rs. 150 would be ${(54000- x) × 2}/150$. The sum is Rs. 1680. So $(x × 8)/120$ + ${(54000- x) × 2}/150$ = 1680. Solving for x we get x = Rs. 18000. Please note that if the calculation seems tough in the exam, you can try direct substitution of options one by one.

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